Inspired by the relaxed glamour of the 1960’s Italian Riviera, our new Pillow Chair physically embodies the longing for lazy summer days with a comfortable, fully upholstered chair in colorful and classic stripes. 

The upholstered shape brings to mind stacked pillows and is a playful gesture to a season of leisure, while the bold stripes are a nod to long, hot days spent seaside under a breezy cabana. Tinged with nostalgia yet undoubtedly fresh, the Pillow Chair is an instant classic and imports an extra dolce vita to any interior environment.

The chair is made locally in New York City and upholstered in a custom ASH NYC fabric by Schumacher. 

The photoshoot was inspired by the surrealist movement of the 1920s, in particular the Le Corbusier-designed roof of Charles de Beistegui’s Parisian apartment. The vintage television is a continuous thread, bringing together the concept of a blank-slate indoor environment with a nostalgia which is difficult to pin-point.